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What is Cornwall DA?
Cornwall District Association is a section of the of The Camping and Caravanning Club.
cornwall da summer camping on site with pennon on display

About the Cornwall DA

We offer some of the most inexpensive camping and caravanning available in Cornwall and you can guarantee you'll always receive a warm, friendly welcome.

We are a friendly group who enjoy camping and getting together at weekends. Our meets programme runs throughout Cornwall most weekends during the season.

Full details of all D.A. events are also in the Out and About section of The Camping and Caravanning Club Magazine and as a Club member you can camp at any of these. For Cornwall D.A. meets look under the South West Region in the “Holidays Every Weekend” section. In some cases, it may say that it is a booked meet – if so please contact the stewards beforehand to be sure of a pitch.

To keep camping costs down pitch fees for weekend meets are subsidised for members camping with Cornwall D.A. Unless otherwise stated the fees for a standard pitch are £10.00 per night for 2 adults plus children under 18. On a few of the sites that we use, only serviced pitches are available which means that members have to pay for electricity even if they do not use it! Please remember that pitch fees for our THS‘ are not subsidised and the price for each THS can be found on the relevant page.

Our meets are generally very free and easy. If any activity has been arranged you will be very welcome to join in if you want to, but no one will mind if you prefer to relax on your own. That’s what it’s all about – just enjoying your camping!!

So if you live locally, or are just visiting Cornwall why not join us at our weekend meets or have a few days holiday at one of the Temporary Holiday Sites (THS) that we run during the summer. We can’t guarantee sunshine every day but you can be sure of a warm welcome from Cornwall D.A.